Monday, September 25, 2017

D7500 should be D6000

Last night Nikon announced D7500. One would think it is a successor of the D7200, but in several interviews Nikon clearly stated that this is not the case. They even confirmed this in the D7500 promo video for Nikon Canada. The full specs you can find here. But this is not a full review article. I want to share my thoughts about this release.

We know it is Nikon’s 100th anniversary this year. And we all expect something big and important to be released – like the Big Bang for Nikon – a mirorrless DX or FX, a new retro camera, new MPx beast, etc. Instead, so far we receive small camera upgrades. And let’s think for a second about this one – D7500.

Do you play tango? You first move forward, then make a step backwards. This is how I see D7500. It didn’t make any sense to be a D7200 replacement, as some of its specifications are upgrade, and some are downgrade. It takes many features of the D500, but it loses some, getting closer to the D5600.

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  1. I really love this camera's specifications! They are almost ideal, to my mind! Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback!