Monday, September 25, 2017

Am I the Perfect Match?

The arguably best DSLR – Nikon D850 already made it’s way to the first happy customers. We have seen pictures of the box, the camera, unboxing videos, and happy owner’s faces all over the internet. We’ve also seen the first images coming from this amazing camera, ISO comparisons, and samples of its capabilities, especially when coupled with a good performing lens.

Speaking about good performing lens, we are coming to today’s question: “Why Nikon keeps pushing this mediocre performing lens (24-120mm) as a kit lens for it’s pro cameras?”

24-120mm f/4 is not a bad lens in any means, but it is far away for being a good match for high resolution cameras – I would say everything above 24mpx. Of course, all this is arguable but there are thousands reviews out there, as also image samples, which confirm my words.

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  1. If there are thousands positive reviews out there, different image samples, which confirm my words, then it is the best choice ever!