Thursday, March 16, 2017

My love for Fujifilm and why I abandoned the system…

My love for Fujifilm dates back in time. After the film era, when using Nikon FM3a, N80 and F100 with Fujifilm and Ilford 35mm films (I was never a big fan of Kodak film), my first experience with Digital cameras was with Nikon Coolpix. I was then switching back and forth between Canon and Nikon small point and shoots or bridge cameras, until I got my first Nikon Digital SLR in the beginning of 2009.

While using Nikon D5000 and D200, at that time I decided to get into Infrared photography and I purchased my first Fujifilm camera - Finepix S5200, converted to IR720nm.

As a natural progression, my eyes was caught by Fujifilm S5 Pro and Finepix IS Pro (without low pass filter, which opens a spectrum range from 380 to 1000nm). 2009-2010 was the time when Fuji discontinued S5 Pro and the IS Pro, so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the IS Pro, and decided that S5 Pro is just too “collectable” price-wise, comparing to the base model - Nikon D200 (which it actually is), and which I could buy cheaper, so I stuck with the D200.

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