Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cancellation of the Nikon DL series

In my previous post “What I want to see from Nikon in 2017”, I wrote about the DL cameras:  “They are almost on the market. Several stores already have new arrival dates, so these cameras are coming officially.”

Well I was wrong. Today Nikon announced the cancellation of the series. Here is the official announcement.

I was wrong that Nikon DL is coming. Yes, but the same time I was right. And it seems Nikon had similar thoughts as I had (described in the same article). Here is what I wrote:

I liked the Coolpix A. A lot. I also liked the new DL series. But… let’s face it – people now want a bigger sensor. Most of the time even m4/3 is a limit for such cameras. I personally find I’m not interested in purchasing a camera with lower than APS-C size sensor any more, for any type of shooting. You can get an amazing Fujifilm X-100F in very small factor, or X-T20 in interchangeable lens format, or Canon’s M5… why would you buy a slightly smaller camera with way smaller sensor? 

I think the huge delay in releasing the DL series will make them almost obsolete right from their launch. They have to compete with cameras like Sony R100 series, with Fuji, and all Olympus and Lumix cameras which have a good lens lineup and reasonably sized sensor.

The way I see Nikon’s progress in this niche is to create a DX versions of the DL series. It would be hard to compete with X-100 series from Fuji, but a zoom version would be popular I think. Keep the small zoom range, make several options for the different lengths and speeds, and there you have it – a winner.”

Read the full article here.