Monday, September 25, 2017

Am I the Perfect Match?

The arguably best DSLR – Nikon D850 already made it’s way to the first happy customers. We have seen pictures of the box, the camera, unboxing videos, and happy owner’s faces all over the internet. We’ve also seen the first images coming from this amazing camera, ISO comparisons, and samples of its capabilities, especially when coupled with a good performing lens.

Speaking about good performing lens, we are coming to today’s question: “Why Nikon keeps pushing this mediocre performing lens (24-120mm) as a kit lens for it’s pro cameras?”

24-120mm f/4 is not a bad lens in any means, but it is far away for being a good match for high resolution cameras – I would say everything above 24mpx. Of course, all this is arguable but there are thousands reviews out there, as also image samples, which confirm my words.

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D7500 should be D6000

Last night Nikon announced D7500. One would think it is a successor of the D7200, but in several interviews Nikon clearly stated that this is not the case. They even confirmed this in the D7500 promo video for Nikon Canada. The full specs you can find here. But this is not a full review article. I want to share my thoughts about this release.

We know it is Nikon’s 100th anniversary this year. And we all expect something big and important to be released – like the Big Bang for Nikon – a mirorrless DX or FX, a new retro camera, new MPx beast, etc. Instead, so far we receive small camera upgrades. And let’s think for a second about this one – D7500.

Do you play tango? You first move forward, then make a step backwards. This is how I see D7500. It didn’t make any sense to be a D7200 replacement, as some of its specifications are upgrade, and some are downgrade. It takes many features of the D500, but it loses some, getting closer to the D5600.

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Two more things, Canon…

Although I may consider myself primarily a Nikon shooter, I have a good Canon setup, and I use it for both professional and leisure work. I'm not going to describe here which features of which system I like most, nor this is a Nikon vs. Canon article. Also, in the past 3-4 years, I have been in search of a good travel system – smaller, but without losing the image quality and flexibility of the DSLR. I started with Sony, then sold all my Sony gear and moved to Fujifilm.

The problem is that once we start to add professional zooms to these “small” cameras, the system becomes no longer small. So I just abandoned the idea (for now) to have a third system for travel. In that regards, the new Fujifilm X100F (and I had the X100S) is quite good by itself to be a good travel camera – with enough MPx, fast auto focus and excellent image quality. But let’s go back to Canon...
I had a good price offer for my 5D Mark III, and I sold it just before the Mark IV announcement. I wasn’t afraid to stay without the camera for a while, because I had my Nikon gear to cover for my work. With big excitement I was waiting for the upcoming Mark IV. And it came but the big excitement disappeared, and I felt a bit disappointed from Canon's decisions for this camera.

I’ll share with you my thoughts from 3 different perspectives – as a wedding photographer, as a landscape photographer, and as a videographer – what are my main reasons to not be excited about 5D Mark IV. And I said MY REASONS. So, please, DON'T JUDGE ME too much. You can share your thoughts and your experience with 5D Mark IV in the comments section below.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

My love for Fujifilm and why I abandoned the system…

My love for Fujifilm dates back in time. After the film era, when using Nikon FM3a, N80 and F100 with Fujifilm and Ilford 35mm films (I was never a big fan of Kodak film), my first experience with Digital cameras was with Nikon Coolpix. I was then switching back and forth between Canon and Nikon small point and shoots or bridge cameras, until I got my first Nikon Digital SLR in the beginning of 2009.

While using Nikon D5000 and D200, at that time I decided to get into Infrared photography and I purchased my first Fujifilm camera - Finepix S5200, converted to IR720nm.

As a natural progression, my eyes was caught by Fujifilm S5 Pro and Finepix IS Pro (without low pass filter, which opens a spectrum range from 380 to 1000nm). 2009-2010 was the time when Fuji discontinued S5 Pro and the IS Pro, so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the IS Pro, and decided that S5 Pro is just too “collectable” price-wise, comparing to the base model - Nikon D200 (which it actually is), and which I could buy cheaper, so I stuck with the D200.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cancellation of the Nikon DL series

In my previous post “What I want to see from Nikon in 2017”, I wrote about the DL cameras:  “They are almost on the market. Several stores already have new arrival dates, so these cameras are coming officially.”

Well I was wrong. Today Nikon announced the cancellation of the series. Here is the official announcement.

I was wrong that Nikon DL is coming. Yes, but the same time I was right. And it seems Nikon had similar thoughts as I had (described in the same article). Here is what I wrote:

I liked the Coolpix A. A lot. I also liked the new DL series. But… let’s face it – people now want a bigger sensor. Most of the time even m4/3 is a limit for such cameras. I personally find I’m not interested in purchasing a camera with lower than APS-C size sensor any more, for any type of shooting. You can get an amazing Fujifilm X-100F in very small factor, or X-T20 in interchangeable lens format, or Canon’s M5… why would you buy a slightly smaller camera with way smaller sensor? 

I think the huge delay in releasing the DL series will make them almost obsolete right from their launch. They have to compete with cameras like Sony R100 series, with Fuji, and all Olympus and Lumix cameras which have a good lens lineup and reasonably sized sensor.

The way I see Nikon’s progress in this niche is to create a DX versions of the DL series. It would be hard to compete with X-100 series from Fuji, but a zoom version would be popular I think. Keep the small zoom range, make several options for the different lengths and speeds, and there you have it – a winner.”

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Monday, January 30, 2017

What Do I Want from Nikon in 2017

2017 is Nikon’s 100th anniversary and we all have different expectations – usually a bit higher than normal, just because of the special occasion.
There are many speculations and rumors about what products Nikon will release in 2017. I decided to give you my view of what I WANT to see from Nikon on their 100th anniversary, and then what I THINK we are going to see, based on everything I have read, heard or watched so far. I will go with the details after the lists.

Things I want to see from Nikon in 2017
D850 – a D810 replacement
D900 – a D5 in a D500 body
Dm – a Df replacement
24-70mm f/2.8 E VR II
15-30mm f/2.8 E VR
Coolpix Z – zoom version of the Nikon Coolpix A
New naming nomenclature
Better AF for video

Things I think we’ll see from Nikon in 2017
Nikon DL
Nikon Df2
Nikon 16-35 f/4 VR II

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