Thursday, February 9, 2012


On February 7, 2012, Nikon announced their new camera D800, which has the remarkable 36.4MPx Full frame (FX) sensor.

Nikon D800

I will start with "I really wanted to hate this camera" cliche and I will describe the reasons for that below. At the moment of the announcement I actually "forgot" everything bad and I really think that Nikon did a great job with this camera. I'm looking forward to have one of those "miracles" in my hands as soon as they are available on the market. I already pre-order mine. Meanwhile you should hurry up and if you still didn't pre-order yours - DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! Soon there will be a huge demand for this camera and if you don't want to wait endlessly to see it in stock - better pre-order it now. You can do that at Amazon - for D800 here and D800E here.