Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey folks,
In this article we want to point your attention to one excellent source of information about digital cameras. If you’re in doubt which model to choose, or you want two models or brands compared side by side, this is where you should go. 
SNAPSORT.COM - Excellent Digital Camera Resource

Here is a brief walk-through the site. The main sections of the site are:
EXPLORE – they have excellent rank list of the digital cameras with the most important pros/cons of each camera, as also the overall score point.
COMPARE – Truly amazing side by side comparison between the most popular digital cameras today
JUST TELL ME – Recommendations which camera to buy according your budget
LEARN – excellent articles about sensor types, lenses, zoom, crop factor, ISO, etc.
TOP DIGITAL CAMERAS – a list of the top cameras by brand. Among with sites like, or gives you full information about the selected model. They start with overview and then go deeper with showing the main competitors, replacement models, best prices and full specifications. Furthermore, their analytics team score the cameras. You also have videos, tutorials and samples from each model.
The only few recommendations we have and we would like to see on
The "big" camera images are actually too small. You will still find yourself looking for other sources online if you want to see big detailed picture of the cameras.
The other thing we would like to see is a mobile version of the site. Although it is very user friendly, lite, intuitive and opens fast in modern Android phones, iPhone and Blackberry a dedicated mobile app will make it even better - optimized for the small screens - bigger buttons to tap, etc.
In conclusion we highly recommend
Go, take a look and tell us what you think! You won’t be sorry and we’re sure you’ll be using it more often than you think! Enjoy!

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